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Social Patterns
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Social Stratification (Process and Structure)
The Sociological Perspective

Introductory Sociology CLEP Flash Card Exercises
Welcome to Avatar’s Flash Card approach to learning. Flash cards are one of the classic study tools, and for two very good reasons. They promote studying through active recall and encouraging metacognitive faculties. We recommend that you not use them as pure instruction. They should rather be used as a way to review concepts that were first acquired through more constructivist activities (i.e. our media links), or to fill in the gaps with more detailed information that may not have been acquired from other sources.

Exam1 Start the Flash Cards!
Clicking the link above will start the flashcard course activity in a pop-up browser window. Feel free to either use manual mode to move from card to card or click play and have the cards automatically switch every few seconds. If you wish to adjust the play speed this can be done with the icons (turtle & rabbit) on each side of the timer. For logged in users the system will default to the time interval that they set in their options menu.

Active Recall - Active recall has been proven to create stronger neuron connections for that memory trace. And because flashcards can so easily facilitate repetition, they are the best way to create multiple memory-enhancing recall events.
Metacognitive Faculties - The act of self-reflection is known as metacognition. Research shows that assess your correctness (metacognition) tends to ingrain memories deeper into your knowledge.