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Getting started with course selection...

The course listing shows all available and in work courses here at Avatar Virtual Learning. You can select a suitable course by selecting its status. The statuses are:
  • In-work – Currently being developed, you can use what’s there but not all content is complete.
  • Available – Ready to use, sufficent content is there (questions, flash cards and links) and it is ready for your use.
  • Registered – The course is linked to your login and your available study metrics will be kept for your review.

Each course is categorized based on a subject, which can be selected from the listing menu on the left. Selecting a course will bring up its syllabus and an outline of what is covered in it. Included with that outline is a selection of links to free online resources for the subject along with fellow student ratings on the sources. A few features of the course and study material will not be available unless you are logged in. These are features tied to exam results and user review options. To enable these log in to the site before registering for a course or taking a course exam.

As a reminder before you take the time and effort to study a course you should contact the college or university you plan to attend and verify that the Exam by Credit for that course is available to you. Remember that all schools have their own policy on what they will accept and they can confirm that a specific exam and score will meet their requirements.