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Molecular and Cellular Biology
Organismal Biology
Population Biology

 Population Biology

This section will cover the following areas:
  • Principles of ecology - Energy flow and productivity in ecosystems, Biogeochemical cycles, Population growth and regulation (natality, mortality, competition, migration, density, r- and K-selection), Community structure, growth, regulation (major biomes and succession), Habitat (biotic and abiotic factors), Concept of niche, Island biogeography and Evolutionary ecology (life history strategies, altruism, kin selection)
  • Principles of evolution - History of evolutionary concepts, Concepts of natural selection (differential reproduction, mutation, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, speciation, punctuated equilibrium), Adaptive radiation, Major features of plant and animal evolution, Concepts of homology and analogy, Convergence, extinction, balanced polymorphism, genetic drift, Classification of living organisms, Evolutionary history of humans
  • Principles of behavior - Stereotyped, learned social behavior, Societies (insects, birds, primates).
  • Social biology - Human population growth (age composition, birth and fertility rates, theory of demographic transition), Human intervention in the natural world (management of resources, environmental pollution), Biomedical progress (control of human reproduction, genetic engineering)

Getting Started
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