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Basic Economic Concepts
The Nature and Functions of Product Markets
Factor Markets
Market Failure and the Role of Government

Principles of Microeconomics
 The Nature and Functions of Product Markets

  • Supply and demand
    • Market equilibrium
    • Determinants of supply and demand
    • Price and quantity controls
    • Elasticity
    • Price, income, and cross-price elasticities of demand
    • Price elasticity of supply
    • Consumer surplus, producer surplus, and market efficiency
    • Tax incidence and deadweight loss
  • Theory of consumer choice
    • Total utility and marginal utility
    • Utility maximization: equalizing marginal utility per dollar
    • Individual and market demand curves
    • Income and substitution effects
  • Production and costs
    • Production functions: short and long run
    • Marginal product and diminishing returns
    • Short-run costs
    • Long-run costs and economies of scale
    • Cost minimizing input combination
  • Firm behavior and market structure Profit
    • Accounting versus economic profits
    • Normal profit
    • Profit maximization: MR=MC rule
  • Perfect competition
    • Profit maximization
    • Short-run supply and shut-down decision
    • Firm and market behaviors in short-run and long-run equilibria
    • Efficiency and perfect competition
  • Monopoly
    • Sources of market power
    • Profit maximization
    • Inefficiency of monopoly
    • Price discrimination
  • Oligopoly
    • Interdependence, collusion, and cartels
    • Game theory and strategic behavior
  • Monopolistic competition
    • Product differentiation and role of advertising
    • Profit maximization
    • Short-run and long-run equilibrium
    • Excess capacity and inefficiency

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