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Benefits of Sponsoring
To be honest, there isn't much of a direct personal benefit to you.  Our program is open to anyone whether they are a sponsor or not. So we can't provide any type of major recognition for the support you provide.  We can only offer the following things to our supporter:
  • A sense of pride that you helped ensures the sustainability and health of the Avatar project.
  • To feel free to mention the Avatar project to friends and family and claim credit for sponsorship and support of lowing the cost of a college education.
  • A sponsor's thank you page that lists any sponsor upon request.
However, if you can't provide sponsorship either by volunteering or through a donation then still feel free to click on the advertisement on this page. We will receive a small (a few cents) from the advertiser just because someone clicked on their advertisement from our site.  It all adds up and will help provide some support our project.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to look around.  We here at Avatar hope all your life's dreams and goals come true.